Helping you find the course for life.

LifeCourse is all about helping people like you find real life, not just survive it.

When God makes a new son or daughter through faith in Christ, He makes them actual members of His family—it’s
incredible!  To prove it, he gives them new and magnificent desires in keeping with their new identity.  In essence, they hunger for Him and the life that He is!  But sometimes that can get lost in the confusion and chaos of our days.

LifeCourse Ministries is all about invigorating your hunger and thirst for God.  We believe that when once your fascination with God is restored and your confidence in His love and grace for you is secured, how you live will have all the fruit you can imagine—and more.  The gospel is just the thing to get you there.

We do as much as we can to effectively teach you and those around you from the Bible about who and what you have become in Christ and how to live from what you believe.  It’s an incredible way to live—and really, it’s normal!  Most everything on our web site goes to that, from Ralph’s Book, weekly LifeNotes and Ralph’s Blog, as well as our Watch Ralph page.  Take a look.  There’s a lot here.
We would love to join you at your church or home or retreat center in order to really get to it.  We agree with the saying, “You had to be there!” and make every effort to make that possible for you.  

If you’re interested in having us speak to a group or church, you can get some ideas on our Speaking Topics page, read some of What People Say about our ministry, and either Schedule an Event, or Contact Us for more information.

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