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Life is more than going through the motions. Here’s how LifeCourse helped people like you.

Ralph presents the Gospel as it was truly meant to be. The most essential thing to the Christian walk is the Grace of The Trinity. Here it is, in simple, clean, understandable terms. Before sitting under this ministry, I found it confusing how the Gospel was supposed to be "Good News, " yet, if I dropped the ball....Awful things would beset me. Then there was this man with this message. The message!  I thank the Lord for this man and what The Father has burned into his heart. Ralph's mission is inescapable for him. As he presented this most needed concept of The Father's love, I watched the faces of the people who heard. And, THEY HEARD! The comment I heard most was, "I need to hear this every day." And so we do.  I would like to thank those who share this vision with Ralph and support his efforts. The rewards are not only in heaven, but fruit is growing and ripening here and now.

- Nancy

It was the message of God's grace that set me free when in high school. I had lost sight of how really important and wonderful the message was to me until I attended one of Ralph’s “Putting Amazing Back Into Grace” seminars. To see the difference the message of God's grace had on the life of those who attended, not just my own, was itself amazing. I’ve felt God’s freeing presence more than I have for a long time. Months later my friends are still speaking about and studying into the powerful message of grace presented at his seminar. I wish every Christian could hear the message presented by Ralph and LifeCourse Ministries so as to experience more of the freedom and power I have found.

- Will

Thank you for the life-altering seminar. I finally realized the freedom and victory that comes with grace! I keep smiling and shaking my head at the thought that God has brought me to your seminar at the point of my life where I most needed to hear the complete message of grace and forgiveness! Every bondage that I had was released at that moment. God's timing is perfect, huh?

The messages were relevant, applicable, and very meaningful. All the resources (particularly the outlines) made it much easier to follow...the illustrations, movie clips, and examples help drive home the points...in addition to making the messages more entertaining and memorable. Thanks to you, Ralph, for your patience in listening and responding to our endless questions! You have no doubt made a HUGE impact on my life.

May God continue to bless your ministry, because every believer needs to hear this message before they get to heaven! Looking forward to your next visit! Please keep me posted! God bless!

- Angel

Important things I learned from Ralph at "Putting AMAZING Back Into Grace":

1) I rock! Really, I had no idea.

2) It is not arrogant to realize or admit the above sentiment. To state anything different about myself is an insult to God, who

re-created me holy and blameless.

3) My core is good, I can stop trying so hard to make it so. It already is.

4) I have an “inner bitch”. (Thank heavens! I thought she was me, but it’s the flesh, and not me!)

5) Humility does not mean putting myself down and self-loathing. I am God’s magnificent creation in whom he takes great joy. What an insult to call ANYTHING that he made worthless and stupid. Humility is holding my head high when I think of who I am and what I mean to God, and bowing at His feet in His presence.

6) The deceiver is tricky: That little voice telling me that I am a messed-up woman is not God trying to lead me back to the right road. It is the great deceiver, disguising himself as someone trying to help me “stay the path,” when in reality, he is trying to get me to believe that I am a screw-up.

7) I think God cares less about right and wrong than we do. For us, it is the ultimate way to judge ourselves and others. But God looks at our heart. I will base my life on Him, not on values man created.

8) I choose Christ, and this will bring forth the real me.

9) I choose Love, and it is made complete in me. (I Jn 4:12 No one has ever seen God; but if we love one another, God lives in us and his love is made complete in us.)

I learned other things too, but these are the words that lately have changed my day-to-day. I know the process takes time, but I am so excited to grow stronger in the knowledge of his love each day. God is calling me, screaming my name like he has never before. How do I know this? Because he brought his words through you into my life right now, at a time when I am ready to hear them.

- Jacque

There are no words to describe how much I enjoyed your seminar. I know that God has been leading me in this direction since the beginning. I don't think I ever would have gotten there without help though. That freedom I knew in Christ when I first got saved has been restored and the joy of his salvation is the cloak I was always intended to wear. Thank you for following God's plan for your life...it has made all the difference in mine.

- Crystal

I really loved your seminar here in San Diego. I always hoped and prayed that God really loved me as I am and not as I should be. I had received mixed messages since I became a Christian at age 15. My tendency is to believe that biblical grace is too good to be true. In my wildest dream, I hoped and prayed that I was enough. I now realize that I am enough through what Christ did. I no longer beat myself on the head with senseless guilt. I realize that this guilt does not glorify God. In fact, this guilt minimizes what was done on the cross.

At a LifeCourse seminar everything came together for me, and I can no longer play the "I am not enough" card. I have been much more restful the past months since the LifeCourse Seminar. This comes after reading about 2 dozen Christian self help books over the past 7 years. I have been through extensive counseling, and I have been on anti-depressant medication. All of the above helped me to some extent. LifeCourse brought it all together. Truth stared at me in the face maybe for the first time.

Ralph does a great job of combining biblical truth with modern day application. I would recommend anyone for this seminar who has struggled with feeling loved, accepted, forgiven and valued. My walk is lighter now, because once the "love" question had been answered in my life, I could finally start to live.

Thank you Jesus, and thank you Ralph for obeying God in his call on your life. I plan to share the truth I learned at LifeCourse with as many people as I can.

- Michael

How can you live in a world that is full of disappointment, disillusionment, and discouragement and still know the fullness of Christ every day? Isn't that the question? If Christ came that we would know life and not just any life but a life of abundance, where is it? Well, I now know!

Let me simply say that Ralph has a wonderful way with words, always speaking, I believe, from the very heart of God. During a recent seminar I was reminded of who I am in Christ, what He came to do, and how amazing His grace is. I learned that while the flesh and the Spirit of God are always at battle within me, the battle is not my battle, but theirs! How refreshing! (Galatians 5:17) In light of their conflict within me, I can offer myself to the Holy Spirit, and let Him produce His incredible fruit. And that works, and that's amazing!

Two of the probing questions Ralph asked us to consider were: "How amazing would it be if you were to live from the Spirit?" and "How wonderfully would your spouse treat you if he or she were living from the Spirit?" And then He showed us from the Bible and from his own life how we can!

The life of a Christian can so easily become a wearying task of doing all the right stuff and avoiding all the bad stuff and bad people. How exhausting! Christ came so we could know life and that to abundance. Get to or host a LifeCourse seminar, and get life!

- Lori

I was introduced to the true gospel through LifeCourse Ministry. The gospel that tells us who we ARE in Christ instead of what we can DO to BECOME like him. That realization freed me from the bonds and chains of doing works and being valued for performance. It was an Amazing course that I will pray more and more people will have the opportunity to take. God couldn't have chosen a better man than Ralph to reach other people and tell them about his love and grace. If you want to find your true identity or be relieved from the guilt and frustrations of always ending up failing in doing the right things, then you definitely should take this course.

- Cynthia

Thank you so much for sharing and teaching the wonderful things God has taught you. I still have not stopped thinking about this amazing gift of grace I didn't know I had. I feel as if up until this point I’ve only known half the plan of Salvation. What a delighted difference it makes to know that I can stop trying with desperate frustration to keep from repeating the failures of yesterday. There is so much more to Christian life than I could ever have possibly imagined and the really fun thing is that I can’t see the end of it. It just keeps going… and going… (nod to the energizer bunny). May God bless you so greatly that the only thing you can do is laugh yourself silly.

- Jenn

This is such an eye opening seminar!!!!  Everybody should have this!!!

- Amanda


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