You can help someone find the course for life.

You know Jesus is the way, the truth and the life, and you know it because someone gave you the incredible gospel of God’s grace to us in Christ.  For you it’s the most valuable asset of your life.

But it’s not yet that way for everyone.  Would you like to help send LifeCourse to others, maybe even someone you know?  In addition to the resources provided on our web site, we travel from Croatia to California, speaking to churches and groups and give away scores of great books every year to people who cannot afford much at all.  Like you, we think there’s nothing better than to introduce people to the fabulous love and life of Jesus, and then to assist them in their new life with Him.

Your tax-deductible gift to LifeCourse Ministries (a 501c3, non-profit organization) is how you join this effort to reach and encourage people all over the world.  And if you know us, you know we do it well.

You may click on the Donate button below in order to use a credit card to send your donation, or you may send a check (or other) to LifeCourse Ministries at 1508 Lark Bunting Place, Longmont, CO, 80504.

Thank you for joining with us to see to it that others have the great news of God’s grace to us in Christ, as well as a way to go forward in Him.

“I know who I am now and who God is.  I no longer feel like my life teeters on

the brink of defeat.  God used LifeCourse to give me freedom.” - Stacey

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