Sometimes you have to get together with some good people—face to face.

In the midst of the crowd, it’s still easy to be alone.  We want to help with that, and we’ve made it simple and convenient.

Ralph has been meeting with people all over the world through live video on the internet for several years. By using Skype, iChat, SightSpeed and other free software, we can meet with small or large groups, conduct seminars live, and meet with people face to face anytime, anywhere.  It means we’re able to meet with Ron and Judy at their home in Atlanta in the morning, Bill and Susan and their small group in Montana in the afternoon, and meet with your church in California in the evening.  

These web meetings could be recurring—week after week, while for others it’s a one-time use—just an hour or two to talk and get some questions answered.  We’ll work with you to find the best possible time to get together.  It’s so much better than an email or a phone call.  All you need is a computer, web camera with microphone, broadband internet connection, some free software and the time to meet.  Once you’ve got that (and many people already do), you’re ready. 

After you’ve got the equipment, there is no cost to you.  Any donation you choose to give LifeCourse Ministries is up to you.  If you should choose to support this ministry, your donation will go toward encouraging people just like you in their walk with God.   

We love this low cost, interactive and efficient method of helping you.  Through it, we’ll be able share an even greater part of our lives, and that’s vital.  It takes seeing eye-to-eye to a whole new level.  

To get more information, you may call our office at 303.772.6247, or email us by clicking here.

We hope to see you soon, face to face.

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